First post & field season prep

Welcome to my new site! This will serve as part online CV, part blog to update as I start out in my PhD research. I need to flex my writing muscles, and I hope to share some of my photography (amateur!) as I go as well.

I’ve now been in Saskatoon for 7 weeks and have made myself at home in my new department, university, city, and province. In that time I’ve already been to Alberta twice for work (Edmonton for a University of Alberta visit, and Lethbridge for the Prairie Universities Biology Symposium [PUBS]). This time next week I will be in Edmonton again, en route to Kluane, Yukon Territory for my first go at a field season. I know the season will be a tonne of hard work, but I’m hoping to be able to update this at least a couple of times over the couple of months I am there.

In the meantime, I am reading as much as possible to pin down a thesis topic, and gather the last few items I need to 1) survive, 2) be comfortable, and 3) be as useful as possible in the Yukon. I have a few books & some watercolours to enjoy the few minutes of downtime I might have while living off the grid in the woods, although I’m anticipating crashing hard at the end of each day!

Curious about what I’ll be up to? Me too! You can find out more about the long-term project I’ll be working on called the Kluane Red Squirrel Project at

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