PUBS 2017 wrap up

Thank you everyone who helped make the 51st Prairie University Biology Symposium (PUBS 2017) a roaring success!

I had the fantastic (and at times frustrating) role of being the Speakers Coordinator for the event. Myself and the organizers made it a top priority to ensure that we had some excellent scientists giving engaging talks from women and men. My PI, Jeff Lane, delivered the keynote address following the banquet dinner Saturday night that had the audience in stitches laughing and provided convincing evidence that we can achieve some incredible science when those that don field pants and those that rock lab coats come together to investigate big questions in biology.

My thumbs are about to fall off from tweeting like mad from the @PUBS2017SK account – if you missed the conference, be sure to check out the tweets with the hashtag #PUBS2017.

Many thanks again to the exec and all the volunteers and other help we got throughout the planning process and the event itself. Although I’ve planned events before, this was my first go at a conference and I have to say I’d definitely do it again. Somehow, through it all, I survived the weekend long enough to deliver the very last platform presentation on my PhD project, even through the headache that began to take over my brain by mid-afternoon.

To see the final program and all the other details, you can visit the website at Good luck to next year’s PUBS exec, we’ll see you in Calgary!


The Lane Lab PUBS delegates bravely enter the banquet photobooth. (L-R: Jeff Lane, Jillian Kusch, Colleen Crill, Paul Boyce, my hat-less self, Dylan Baloun. Thanks Dylan for sending us the photo!)