Cabin Squirrel

Last week was a bit rough. As much fun as PUBS was to host, I’ve fallen behind with some things and I have that familiar feeling of trying to juggle too many things and not really getting ahead with any of them. A manuscript rejection didn’t bother me much on its own (that’s part of the academia game!) but it didn’t alleviate those feelings of imposter syndrome that crept up on me, either. I was debating staying behind from a trip to the lake this weekend with the SO and his family, in the name of Too Much Work, but I decided to live up to my goal to have a work-life balance. Instead, I just gunned it and made the week as productive as I could, and took the grading along with me to do in the early hours before everyone else was up and in between snowmobile treks in the afternoons.

I tried ice fishing for the first time (no bites!) and had some quality time tobogganing and laughing with the family in the plus-degrees temps and sunshine. I got all of my planned work done (go me!), and even have managed to get chores around home done upon my return to the city. There are always more papers to read, stats to be done, questions to be asked, and assignments to write, but if I can put in several good hours of work into such a fun weekend, I’ll call that a win.

And technically it’s thesis work if I’m watching red squirrels retrieve food and feed, right?