Research featured on CBC (September 2017)

I’ve just returned from my third field season in Kluane and have much to share (and even more data to wrangle)!

One of the highlights of this season was being able to talk about my research on how individuals acquire and manage food resources with CBC Northbeat’s Cheryl Kawaja. Best of all, I was able to take CBC viewers into the field with me to get a firsthand look at how animals manage to find and store thousands of food items for up to several years that is only fleetingly available in their environments – no small feat for a ~250 gram animal. Also interviewed was our fantastic fall head tech Zach Fogel and my brilliant field assistant Kiley Chernicky to give some insight into Squirrel Camp as a whole.

The interview was featured online here, as well as on CBC Radio’s A New Day (Whitehorse, YT).

More on this past field season to come!