Sharing squirrel science with high school students in Strathroy, ON

Last weekend I decided to take a quick trip back to my hometown of London, ON, and had a great opportunity to share some squirrely science while I was there. I was grateful for the invitation from Ms Louise Mrnik at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Strathroy, ON to come talk to her grade 9 science class and to meet Mr Matt Greeson, another science teacher and squirrel fan. I gave the students a peak into life in the northern boreal forest with lots of photos of forest residents (like lynx and bison), lots of interesting things we have discovered about ecology and evolution from studying red squirrels for 30 years, and how we as scientists use hypotheses and careful methodology in the field, just like the students are learning to do in the classroom. I was so impressed by the level of questions they had, evidence of good logic paired with curiosity! Thanks so much for hosting me and I’m looking forward to coming back next year!