Undergrad research opportunities!

This just in! We are now posting for undergrad students interested in giving research a go in our lab.

The document text follows; click here for the PDF: Undergrad Ad -USASK 2017.pdf

We have a number of opportunities for motivated and creative
undergraduate students to gain research experience in:
• Field biology
• Wild mammal ecology
• Eco-physiology
• Evolutionary ecology
We maintain long-term (some >30 years in length!) studies of wild mammal
populations (red squirrels, Columbian ground squirrels and black-tailed prairie
dogs) and the tractability of these systems enables a wide diversity of research
questions and interests.
Opportunities are available to be part of summer field crews in:
• Rocky Mountains, Alberta
• Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan
• Kluane National Park, Yukon
As part of one of these crews, you would receive food and accommodation at an
on-site field station, gain hands-on research experience and work with groups of
undergraduate, graduate and faculty researchers. Terms of these positions are
May 1 to Aug 31, and opportunities are available for independent research
We are also looking for undergraduates interested in gaining experience locally
during the semester. We have recently instituted an ecophysiological study of small
mammals in and around Saskatoon and have numerous datasets in hand from the
studies above that could be explored.
Get paid!
Funding (~$1600-2000/month x 4 months) is available through:
• NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (due Jan 30)
• College of Arts & Science Undergraduate Summer Research Assistantships
(due ca. mid-Mar)
• Biology Undergraduate Summer Scholarships (due ca. early-Apr)
Get credit!
• Course credit for research experience can be gained through the following
Biology courses
• BIOL 380: Research Experience in Biology
• BIOL 479: Literature Research in Biology
• BIOL 480: Biology Research
• BIOL 481: Extended Research Project in Biology
If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please get in touch with Dr. Jeffrey Lane ASAP and take note of upcoming funding deadlines. It would be helpful if you could include a copy of (unofficial) transcripts, a CV and brief introduction into research interests.
Dr. Jeffrey Lane

Undergrad Ad -USASK 2017.pdf