Assistant updates

I would like to welcome Chantel Brozny and Tayler Hemsing to the Lane Lab as our newest undergraduate assistants. Chantel and Tayler are helping process thousands of trail camera images taken in fall 2017 as part of my PhD research on squirrel caching behaviour. They have already made great progress identifying squirrel behaviours and have even found images of snowshoe hares, varied thrushes, and spruce grouse lurking on squirrel territories!

I would also like to congratulate my 2017 field assistant Kiley Chernicky for accepting a field position in the Galápagos! Bon voyage and have an amazing field season (even if it doesn’t involve red squirrels and spruce trees…)!

If you are an undergraduate student or a recent graduate looking for opportunities to get involved with research, see this ad for opportunities in my lab including ways to get paid through funding opportunities like NSERC and even do fieldwork in cool places like the Yukon, Grasslands National Park, and the Rocky Mountains.