Summer meetings, fall seminar, and upcoming venues

EDIT: So much for 2020 conferences! Please stay safe and I hope to see you in the near future. –A


A bit delayed, but here is the poster for my recent seminar in the WildEcol seminar series, presented jointly by the University of Saskatchewan and Environment Canada in Saskatoon, SK.

Next weekend I’ll be heading to Edmonton, AB to participate in our annual collaborators meeting (“Squirrel Meeting”) to work through 2019 data and review the past field season. You can follow @KluaneSquirrels on Twitter to see what we’re up to.

I’m planning on attending at least the following two conferences in 2020; if you’re looking for speakers for your symposium in these or other meetings, get in touch!

  • Canadian Society of Zoologists in Saskatoon, SK (May 11-15 2020)
  • Canadian Society for Ecology & Evolution in Edmonton, AB (May 28-31)

This past August, myself and Dr Jeff Bowman co-chaired the symposium Collecting data across generations: the inaugural symposium of CSEE’s Long-Term Research Section at the annual CSEE meeting in Fredericton, NB. In addition to catching up with friends, enjoying the seafood, and seeing fin whales in the Bay of Fundy, I presented the results of my survey of graduate student experiences within long-term research projects (“Here for a grad time, not a long time: graduate student experiences and perspectives in long-term ecological research”). Many thanks to all of our invited speakers and the attendees who participated in our panel discussion! Stay tuned for something new for LTR-CSEE next summer in Edmonton. You can register as a member (free for now!) and find out more about the section at