Positions and projects

A few updates from my home office as I continue to work from home:

  • I am looking for some help counting cones from photos of spruce trees. It can be done remotely with free software, if you are interested in helping out clicking on cones from your couch please send me an email!
  • I am grateful to have been awarded a Mitacs Research Training Award to help fund and train me in handling biologger data this term. I’m wrangling years’ worth of squirrel movement data to help answer questions about resource use and activity!
  • As of September, I have completed my tenure as President of the University of Saskatchewan’s Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA), a role now taken up by my labmate and fellow squirreler Dylan Baloun. The full report summarizing what we did this past (totally wild and unpredictable) year, including my President’s report, can be read here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nbsCljGiRNkR0ihJsh0VEYssdkx1kAAyEvjHv_hCKV0/edit?usp=sharing
  • Since June, I have been serving as one of two Student/Postdoctoral Councilors for CSEE, along with Sharon Wang at Guelph. Lots of new initiatives and changes coming!
  • I am now a voting member of the University of Saskatchewan’s Faculty Council, and am looking forward to the first meeting of the academic year this afternoon
  • Working on a really fun manuscript coming to a preprint server near you soon with entomologist Dr Morgan Jackson
  • I’m looking forward to teaching BIOL 302 again for the second time next term! Learned a lot of lessons from my first time around as a sessional lecturer (with a pandemic thrown into the mix), and am planning how to help create a good and effective experience for students learning evolution remotely come January.
  • I’ll be delivering a guest lecture later this month to the University of Central Florida on sex ratios based around our 2018 Proc B paper “Is biasing offspring sex ratio adaptive? A test of Fisher’s principle across multiple generations of a wild mammal in a fluctuating environment” . I think this is the second time one of my papers has been on a course syllabus!
  • I am indeed still working on my PhD thesis among all this!
  • That being said, I am beginning to search for the next chapter in my journey, so if you think I might be a good fit for your postdoctoral positions or job openings, please get in touch!