I am currently completing my PhD in Dr Jeff Lane’s group at the University of Saskatchewan studying ecological, phsyiological, and evolutionary drivers of variation in food caching by North American red squirrels. I teach USask’s BIOL 302 Evolutionary Processes. I currently serve as a Student/Postdoctoral Councilor for the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE), and am on the advisory committee for the Section for Long-Term Research within CSEE.

I grew up in London, Ontario and attended the University of Western Ontario for both my HBSc (biology, art history) and MSc (murine genomics, bioinformatics). I also worked & volunteered at Western before moving to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to pursue my PhD.

When I’m not ‘squirreling’, you can find me cooking a new recipe, trying to photograph critters while hiking, helping my partner harvest honey from our bees, knitting, or learning how to refinish a 1980s Firebird.

Contact: andrea.wishart [at ] usask [dot] ca

Find me on:

Twitter @wishartae

Google Scholar


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