Community & Outreach

Popular science/outreach articles:

4. Curious Kids: Why do chipmunks live on the ground but squirrels live in trees? The Conversation. 14 May 2020

3. “Salthaven’s Patient of the Week: Baby, you can drive my car (or boat)”  The Londoner. 5 July 2017.

2. “Salthaven’s Patient of the Week: Notes from the North” The Londoner. 6 June 2016.

1. “Salthaven Goes to Ecuador” The Londoner. 6 July 2015.

Recent volunteering:

Red Squirrel Project

4. Post on KRSP Blog. 30 October 2017. “To 30 years, and more!”

3. Post on KRSP Blog. 19 October 2016. “An end-of-season thank you”

2. Photo on KRSP Blog. 25 May 2016. “Wildlife Wednesdays”

1. Hosting visiting school groups at the field station


Community presentations:

3. “Red Squirrel Science: Asking big questions with a small mammal.” Delivered to Ms. Mrnik’s Grade 9 science class at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School. 6 November 2017, Strathroy, ON.

2. “Secrets of the Red Squirrel: What influences squirrel caching behaviour?” Delivered to a drop-in audience at The Village Bakery, 9 September 2017, Haines Junction, YT.

1. “In the Field: Ecuador”. Delivered to the Strathroy Rotary Club, 18 August 2015. Strathroy, ON.