Biology Journal Club @ U of S

This page is no longer being updated, and exists for archival purposes only (April 2021).

University of Saskatchewan Biology Journal Club has been moved online in light of COVID-19. Please contact the Biology Graduate Student Association or myself to gain access to the USask Biograd & Postdoc Slack group, where journal club has its own channel. The journal club is being organized by Deborah Hawkshaw for the 2020-21 academic year. — Updated June 2020

Past Terms

Fall 2019 – Organizer: Carmen Marquez Mellidez (BGSA Academic Rep)

Date Topic/ Paper(s) Discussion Leader
November 27 Research grants for graduate students Andrea Wishart
December 4
Jeremy Fox in Dynamic Ecology (blog)
Julie Colpitts

Winter 2019 – Organizer: Andrea Wishart (BGSA Academic Rep)

Date Topic/ Paper(s) Discussion Leader
January 17
Vicari et al. 2018 in The Science of Nature – Naturwissenschaften
Ruth Greuel
January 21
Trillmich and Wolf 2008 in Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology
Deborah Hawkshaw
January 28
Chandra et al 2018 in Science
Zach Balzer
February 4
Khelifa 2017 in Ecology
Kirsten Johnsen
February 11
Martini et al 2018 in PeerJ
Rebecca Smith
February 18 Reading week – no meeting
February 25
Seymour et al 2003 in Nature
Adriana Guerrero Chacón
*FRIDAY* March 8 (special time) Adrenoleukodystrophy – neuroendocrine pathogenesis and redefinition of natural history
Kemp et al 2016 in Nat Review Endocrinol
Hanie Khorshidi
March 11 Biological relevance of CNV calling methods using familial relatedness including monozygotic twins
Castellani et al 2014 in BMC Bioinformatics
Andrea Wishart
March 18 The arthropod, but not the vertebrate host or its environment, dictates bacterial community composition of fleas and ticks
Hawlena et al 2013 in ISME J
Jessica Thoroughgood

Fall 2018 – Organizer: Andrea Wishart (BGSA Academic Rep)

Date Topic/ Paper(s) Discussion Leader
October 17 Planning meeting Andrea Wishart & Group
October 24 No meeting
October 31
(Procyon lotor) Schulte-Hostedde et al. 2018 in Conservation Physiology
Andrea Wishart
November 7

Ellis & Johnson 2010 in The American Naturalist

Kelton Braun
November 14 The Infirm Ethical Foundations of Conservation Vucetih & Nelson 2013 from Ignoring Nature No More: The Case for Compassionate Conservation, University of Chicago Press Julie Colpitts
November 21 Using Twitter for Science! Andrea Wishart
November 28 No meeting No meeting
December 5 Jessica Thoroughgood
December 12

The purging of deleterious mutations in simple and complex mating environments
Colpitts et al 2017 in Biology Letters

Julie Colpitts